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Our Flies are developed, tested and proven on the Great Lakes, from Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan.

We pride ourselves in making hand tied flies, with premium components in our flies.  You work hard to earn your money, and we feel we should provide you a product that is made well with premium components and catches fish!


Why buy from Fire Flies? The difference in our Products

We are always looking for ways to make our products better, engineering is in our blood. If we feel we can make our products better we strive to do so, and well the proof is on our products!

We also adhere to a strict quality control process and attention to details...before the flies leave the shop, if it does not meet the standards it doesn't leave the shop, it is as simple as that.

Not a single fly enters our line before extensive testing by our Pro Staff team of Captains and Tournament fishermen. We want to put out quality flies that produce. We would rather limit our total fly pattern numbers then make a ton of patterns and hope they catch fish.


Who We Are

We are a family business since 2013, we pride ourselves in the quality and durability of our salmon trolling flies and trout trolling flies.

We have learned the trade through recreational and tournament fishing Lake Michigan for the past 16 years. Learning Fly Tying from many of the great tiers before us, we have been able to take the old ways and create a new version of the quality flies that were originally produced in the 70's.

We support our local communities as members of multiple fishing clubs, along with sponsoring clubs and their tournaments through out the Great Lakes .

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Fire Flies, LLC

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